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Cool Capabilities The cool things about PresAsk

  • Feature 1

    Any Device

    No expensive devices - speakers and participants can access polls on any web browser - mobile, tablet or PC. Simply access the poll or remote control with the correct URL and you're ready to go!

  • Feature 2

    Total Control

    Maximum accessibility - Once a poll is created, speakers can access the Remote Control through a unique link. The Remote Control allows you to control which questions the participants see, accept questions from participants and share poll results via a real-time chart instantaneously.

  • Feature 3

    Simple Setup

    Zero set-up - you can set up a poll in minutes. Once set-up, you can manage it with our simple Remote Control, close it, view and export data with a few clicks. No extensive set-up or complicated procedures.

  • Feature 4

    Unlimited Usage

    5 participants or 5,000 - PresAsk does not limit the number of poll participants. With no usage limitation or fees, you are free to engage any audience in minutes.

Highly Recommended People who use us love us!

"Great for team meetings. Very easy to use for both presenters and attendees. Take away my sticky notes!"

James Bowen James Bowen /Mass Clean Energy Center

"We used it for the audience choice award and it was awesome. Set-up in seconds and was a really pleasant attendee experience"

Mark Vasu Mark Vasu /Boston Cleanweb Hackathon

"10 out of 10, not only was it fun and engaging, I got the data afterwards and it was productive!"

Noreen Hafez Noreen Hafez / Akamai
real-time questions to audience // all devices // control what audience sees // show real-time charts // export data // all for $0 // Become a PresAsker