About Us What & who makes us tick!

How It All Began

In our professional roles, we spoke to large groups. We also attended events. A lot.

After a while, we got tired. Tired of leaving events with unanswered questions. Tired of not being able to engage meaningfully with our audiences when we spoke. Tired of not having the information we needed to follow up with interested audience members. So, over some coffee (ok - lots of coffee), we started a simple wish list. If we could do it differently, what would we do? The answer is PresAsk - an easy, no-equipment-needed tool that turns a distraction (our phones) into a tool for interaction. In short, we help people like us to participate in more engaging events.

Our Vision

We change how people interact at live events. We do that by creating simple tools, giving it away for free and constantly improving through your feedback.

Right now, we are focused on growing the PresAsk nation and further developing our product. We're not stopping at polls and real-time charts. We're working on affordable, no-hardware-required tools that will completely disrupt the current paradigm of presentations while providing valuable data for both presenters and audience members.

Vital Stats Stats to impress!

Engaged Audience Members
300+ audience event
real-time questions to audience // all devices // control what audience sees // show real-time charts // export data // all for $0 // Become a PresAsker